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Our Top 5 Halloween Party Games For The Whole Family

28 Feb 2018

If you’re hosting a Halloween party this year, our top tips on the best spooky games we have for you will be the ultimate groundbreaker. I think it’s safe to say that a Halloween party would not be complete without games. These tips will be the cherry on top for your Halloween party set up so don’t let your décor and favors go to waste. Let your party be the one to remember and see what you think of our idea of a good party game.

Our Top 5 Halloween Party Games

Bowling With Your Favourite Spooky Characters

This simple DIY bowling idea would be the perfect icebreaker for you and your guests to get started. All you need to do is top off a few tin cans with a bit of paint. Paint spooky faces on each tin can and set them up ready for your guests to compete against each other (see our pinterest for more unique and easily achieved DIY party game ideas).

Pin The Smile On The Skeleton

Our pin the smile on the skeleton game puts a spooky spin on the traditions of pin the tail on the donkey. To play the game, a guest will be blindfolded. Watch them struggle to find the correct body part of the skeleton and see where the smile ends up. The smile closest to the target wins.

No pins are needed for this game, the smiles are self-adhesive. Therefore, this game is suitable for children as well as adults so why not get the whole family involved.

Pumpkin Pinata Party

We have a number of scary Halloween characters: pumpkin, witch, Frankenstein, the skull and the cursed black cat. Let your party-goers take it in turns to hit the pinata to see who can be the first to break it open. Place goodies inside so once the pinata is broken, they're all released onto the floor. Not only will these characters add to your spooky set up, they're great fun for your guests to enjoy.

See our accessories where you'll also find our brilliant pinata buster. Your guests can use this to break the pinata open but make sure you don't forget to stand back! Especially later on if a few drinks are involved for you older ones!

Best Halloween Costume Competition

Here's a brilliant way to get your guests in the Halloween spirit. It's what all of your guests have been waiting for. These Halloween costume awards are a lovely addition to your party if you're going for details. This would be the perfect way to finish off the night with a last competitive party feature. It's the thought that always counts, make your party be the one to remember.

Something Different

My last tip is for those who enjoy getting creative with cooking. Although that is not a game, it's a perfect way to get creative and begin your party with a bit of fun. These little ideas will assure that your Halloween party will be a good one. Our brilliant ideas are easy to create yet so effective and realistic. A personal favourite of mine is frightening finger hotdogs. Simply slice a hot dog so it looks like a finger, place it in a hotdog bun and top it off with some red sauce. See our pinterest for more spooky food ideas for you and your guests to really celebrate Halloween to the full.

After these ideas your party games will follow. This is where your Halloween party games will commence.