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6 Steps for the Perfect at Home Valentine's Day

28 Feb 2018

Fed up of sitting in a restaurant with hundreds of other people gazing into each other’s eyes?

Frustrated at spending silly amounts on a “romantic evening out”?

Yeah me too.

That’s why this year we have decided to stay in for Valentine’s day. So, if like me you want a quiet, romantic day, there are some really easy ways to make it feel extra special without even having to step out of the front door. After all, Valentine’s day should be all about spending quality time together!  

6 Steps for the Perfect at Home Valentines Day

Find the Perfect Blooms

Cliché or not, most individuals love to get flowers on Valentine’s day. And there are so many choices out there! You could go for traditional red roses, pink tulips, a giant bouquet or a single flower. Place your blooms in a beautiful flower box/bag or arrange them yourself in a vase. Whatever you decide to do, flowers are sure to set the mood and make the day feel romantic.

Light some Candles

It’s amazing how a little bit of mood lighting can totally transform your room into something special and I definitely agree that everything is more romantic by candlelight! So, dim the lights, gather up all the candles in your house and spend the evening surrounded by candlelight.

Set the Table and Try a New Recipe

Eating out on Valentine’s day can be both expensive and really busy. There’s nothing worse than being squashed up next to your fellow diners when you’re looking for that “just the two of us“ romantic vibe. That’s why I’m all for eating in on Valentines Day!  To make your meal extra special, sprinkle some rose petals over the table, add some candles, put your roses in a vase and set with your best tableware. Try something different and go for a rustic feel with wooden placemats.

Why not find a new recipe that you can cook together…

For your main try baked sea bass with lemon caper dressing.

And finish off with an elegant chocolate ganache and salted caramel brittle.

Or Just Pop Open the Bubbly

If you haven’t got much time on your hands then why not skip the meal and instead pop open a nice bottle of champagne, sparkling wine or prosecco. You could create a lovely setting on your table or fill a basket with flowers, two glasses and a little note for your partner to come home to.  Another small gesture that makes the day extra special without too much effort or cost.

A Heartfelt Gift

The best Valentine gifts are always the ones which have had a lot of thought go into them.  A lovely idea would be to create a birdcage filled with love notes. Write them individually, seal in their own little envelopes and place into the birdcage. Then on the day, let your partner either open them all at once or save them and open one a day. Simple, but oh so special.

For even more DIY gift ideas take a look at our blog on 12 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas.

Watch a Valentine Classic

Fire up that DVD player or sign in to Netflix, there’s no better way to finish off your at home Valentine’s Day than relaxing with your glass of bubbly and one of these Valentine’s classics on the box:

-          Ghost

-          The Vow

-          Pretty Woman

-          Love Actually

-          The Wedding Singer

-          Four Weddings and a Funeral

-          When Harry met Sally

-          Sleepless in Seattle

-          La La Land

-          Dirty Dancing

-          The Notebook

-          Crazy Stupid Love