Childrens Party Ideas


As well as our range of Childrens party games and party piñatas we also thought it would be helpful to offer a selection of traditional children’s party ideas, which are proven popular activities which will ensure your party is a success and great fun whilst not costing you a penny!

Children love participating so the more they can do themselves, the fewer problems you will have and the more your party will be a success.  It will also tire them out and help to use up all that non-stop energy!

When organising them, try not to have too long a gap in between playing each game ensuring children do not get bored or lose their attention.  Check that you have party music to go with the games!



The links below will give you all the information you need to play these games:-

Apple Bobbing


Egg and Spoon race

Hula Hoop Games

Keep the Balloon in the air

Musical Bumps / Musical Chairs/Cushions

Pass the Parcel   Click here to see Party Bag Fillers


Pizza Party

Ring-a-ring of roses

Row the Boat

Simon says

Sleeping Lions

Treasure Hunt Click here to see full range of prizes/gifts

Tug of War

What’s the time Mr Wolf?

Three Leged Race


Wheelbarrow Race